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"The integration was well-done and the claim of zero training required seemed to be spot-on"

Ina Fried - Senior Writer, CNET

Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote

Handwritten Notes and Sketches Integrated into Microsoft Office OneNote

Capturx for Microsoft OneNote automatically integrates your handwritten notes on paper into Office, where they are backed-up, organized, searchable, and shareable. Simply write in a large or small Capturx notebook – or print your own blank sheets. The digital pen records all the handwriting and automatically integrates it into OneNote.

 Keep Organized Easily

  • All notes are automatically backed up, centralized, and easy to access in OneNote
  • Each page in the paper notebook corresponds to a page in the digital notebook
  • Notes and pages can be easily sorted and reorganized in OneNote

Quickly Search and Find Notes

  • Handwriting becomes searchable using powerful character recognition
  • Simply type a word and find every place where it’s written across notebooks

Share Notes through Office

  • Copy and paste sketches and handwriting into email and Office files
  • Convert handwriting to digital text or access it as the original ink strokes
  • Share notebooks on networks to improve collaboration, decisions, and record keeping

For more information see the Capturx for OneNote data sheet or contact 
 » Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote Data Sheet

Field teams can use the all-weather Capturx field notebook to easily collect notes on water-proof Rite-in-the-Rain 5” x 7” notebooks. Field engineers, surveyors and others use these notebooks with the durable digital pen and waterproof ink to collect data in environments that are too harsh for mobile computers – due to rain, direct sunlight, PC battery life limitations, or PC weight.

  • Field notes are instantly scanned by the digital pen
  • All handwritten notes can be sent immediately to central offices through Bluetooth and cell phone or store them for days in the field until a direct PC connection is available.

Teams can also print any Capturx-enabled forms, maps, or PDF files on Rite-in-the-Rain printer paper using many common office printers.

Mobile office workers can use Capturx to easily collect notes at meetings, with customers, or on airplanes, for example, in letter-sized notebooks.

  • All handwritten notes on paper are automatically integrated into Microsoft Office
  • Notes are backed-up, organized, searchable, and shareable in Microsoft Office.
  • Simply use the pre-printed Capturx notebook – or print your own blank sheets. The digital pen records all the handwriting.

Once in OneNote, the handwriting, converted text, or sketches can be easily shared in email or other Office files. Capturx for OneNote is perfect for sharing meeting and brainstorming notes – or for use in meetings where laptop use may be inappropriate.

Teams can use Capturx for OneNote to aggregate notes across team members, making notes instantly shared, searchable and backed-up. OneNote supports shared notebooks on file servers or SharePoint which gives teams control over team note location and access.

  • Teams simply write notes on paper using the digital pen. The notes are integrated into the shared notebooks through OneNote on their desktops.
  • Capturx enables project teams to easily share information captured on paper
  • Collaborate and complete team reports faster – without waiting for important information to be scanned, re-typed, or remain trapped on paper.

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